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Hydro-Zorb Technology

Tinctures & Liposomal Solutions


Please read our Hydro-Zorb & Liposomal Technology descriptions.

Full Spectrum & Broad Spectrum Gel-Caps


Easy to swallow soft-gel.  Available in 25mg gels.  

Available in Full Spectrum (less than .3% thc) or Broad Spectrum (non detectable thc.  

Honey Sticks


 Clean Green Mart Wholesale Honey Stick Details “Our Clean Green Honey Sticks are manufactured using only Section 7606 Certified Legal Hemp” Suggested Retail Price $2.79 to $2.99 14mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract per serving Our Clean Green Honey Sticks stand alone in this space. Perfect introduction product into the CBD space of “CBD newbies.” Low price point, high margin and very high reorder rate . Our partnerships have cultivated a three year trial and error development to come up with a perfect formulation that not only taste good, but has effective results. Because the extraction process used to make the oils yields a full spectrum extract, the hemp extracts contain over 80 different phyto-cannabinoids, including CBC, CBG, CBG-A, CBC-A, CBN and many others. Which does include CBD and CBD-A, the wider known Cannabidiol. Hemp Extract Honey Sticks are an easy and fun way to get a quick and tasty, healthy snack. They go anywhere and do not require any special storage. We use only US Grade A Honey and Organic Extracts. Our straws are environmentally friendly. We supply all 3rd party lab testing. Our Honey Stick Dispensers are currently placed in Pharmacies, Shops, Boutiques, Spas, and Offices across the US. 



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Skin Topicals for pain


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Hair, Skin, face, body, beard, beauty & more


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pre-rolled flower


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bulk flower


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bath Bombs


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Tincture oils


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