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Hydro-Zorb Technology

Hydro - Zorb Technology

Our Water Soluble Tinctures are made with our proprietary blend of ingredients. This formulation is called Hydro-Zorb™.  This Hydro-Zorb™ powder contains hemp extract full spectrum cannabinoids.  These Cannabinoids are broken down into a nano-particulate powder for maximum absorption into the body. 

The milligrams shown on our bottles reflect a milligram quantity of Hydro-Zorb™ contained in each bottle.  That milligram count contains a percentage of Total Cannabinoids. While you lose some of the potency during the nanotized process, you gain absorption of the ingredients into the body. 

Our Hydro-Zorb™ formulation is blended with a structured water and our Hydro-Zorb Hemp™ Extract Water Soluble Nano Technology Tinctures are born!

Example of  Water Solubility in Your Body!

 Think about the last time you have seen oil and water together.  The oil sits on top of the water until it is blended or disturbed. If you take a whisk and mix these two ingredients together you will break down the mass of oil into smaller particles. 

In this example, your body (being a large percentage of water), and the whisk being your heart will move the oil throughout your body.  

When you put the oil through a process where it is broken down into a much smaller nano particle, the body will have the ability to absorb in a much quicker, much more efficient manner.

 Our tinctures are available in differant milligram counts.  These counts on the bottle always list the Hydr-Zorb milligram count not the cannabinoid counts.

Hydro-Zorb™ Milligram Options -

The Intro - This would include our 250mg and 500mg strengths.  These are the introductory level tinctures. These are perfect for those looking to introduce themselves into cannabidiol  with the least out of pocket expense.   

The Standard - This would include our750mg and 1500mg strengths. These are our most popular sector.  Our customers find this as a perfect milligram percentage with great results.

Full Strength- This would include our  2500mg thru 3500mg strengths.  This is a very popular category for those looking to maximize their daily dosage.  Although the highest price point, this is the most efficient of the three.  

Our third party testing results show 43.28mg/g Total Cannabioids. 

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